Public Statement

In April 2018, the Metropolitan New York Presbytery (the Presbytery or MNYP), part of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), received an allegation that a pastor within our Presbytery, Rev. David Kim, had engaged in sexual misconduct in 2001. The conduct in question was alleged to have occurred prior to Rev. Kim’s ordination as a minister, prior to his employment by Redeemer Presbyterian Church, and prior to his membership in this Presbytery.  At its next meeting following receipt of the allegation against Rev. Kim, the Presbytery formed a Judicial Commission to examine the allegations and determine whether the facts and circumstances, to the extent now discernible, warranted a charge against Rev. Kim under the Rules of Discipline of the PCA’s Book of Church Order.

On November 5, 2019, the Commission concluded its work and no disciplinary charge was brought against Rev. Kim.  As a member in good standing of the Presbytery, Rev. Kim thus is free to engage in ordained ministry.

In reaching this conclusion, the Commission cumulatively spent more than 24 hours in over a dozen meetings during which the available evidence was considered, relevant findings by a respected law firm and police investigator with relevant expertise were reviewed in depth, input was solicited and received from women within the churches of our Presbytery, and the entire matter was given prayerful and deliberate consideration.

Ultimately, two considerations predominated in reaching the Commission’s conclusion.  First, the Commission’s investigation and an earlier independent investigation by the Jenner & Block law firm commissioned by Redeemer Presbyterian Church and Redeemer City to City found no evidence of any other instance or allegation of sexual impropriety of any kind against Rev. Kim.  This negative finding, which encompassed the entirety of Rev. Kim’s service as an ordained minister in this Presbytery, followed public disclosure of this matter and Jenner & Block’s active and public encouragement of any other victims to come forward.  Second, the evidence examined by the Commission with the assistance of an investigator with relevant law enforcement expertise did not bring to light sufficient evidence to corroborate or contradict the divergent factual assertions by the accusing party and by Rev. Kim regarding the events that were alleged to have occurred more than 18 years earlier.

As the treatment of these allegations demonstrates, the Metro New York Presbytery takes allegations of sexual impropriety of any kind against pastors extremely seriously.  The safety of our congregants and integrity of our pastors’ ministry are paramount concerns, and justice in cases of alleged sexual assault or misconduct is both a moral and legal imperative.  Finally, we earnestly pray for all those involved in this and other such cases, that God’s grace, love, and the peace that passes understanding may abide and accomplish its work of healing and renewal.


Metropolitan New York Presbytery